As a member of the VQWS e.V., you can benefit from the Association’s work without further ado, or actively contribute to the Association’s work as an individual or your organisation in a number of ways.

Gruppe VQWS

Membership as an individual (active or passive)

Ordinary membership as an individual forms the basis for actively shaping the Association’s chosen direction. You can personally participate in the General Assemblies with the corresponding voting rights and be nominated and elected for VQWS Association bodies and expert committees. You will benefit from your role in an extensive, subject-specific network. In this form of membership, you gain access to the register of trainers and are regularly kept up to date on technical rules via various communication channels. In addition thereto, you have the opportunity to obtain relevant VDI rules and regulations manuals at special rates. In doing so, you will always be kept up to speed with the latest technology on specialist topics relating to industrial bolt technology and the corresponding transfer of knowledge.
We look forward to hearing from you without any obligation, or to receiving your membership application as an individual!

Membership as a company, association or public organisation​

Through membership as a company or other form of organisation, a representative of your organisation has the opportunity to participate in the General Assemblies with voting rights. Active participation in the VQWS Advisory Board also gives you the opportunity to exert professional influence on the extended Board of Directors. This allows you to help shape the operational work of the Association VQWS e.V. as a whole. Furthermore, your company enjoys direct access to the register of all certified trainers and experts. It benefits from the professional and strategic exchange between individual members, companies and public organisations. This enables you to recognise trends at an early stage, and to align your individual products and services with the international market of industrial bolt technology. We look forward to hearing from you with no obligation, or your membership application as a company!

Why VQWS membership as a company?

  • The possibility to shape the VQWS through voting rights within the General Assembly
  • Active participation and representation of interests in the VQWS Advisory Board
  • Active participation in the Certification Council or as a technical assessor
  • Access to current technical papers and reports
  • Identification of technical market trends through direct communication among experts
  • Retrieval of the regular VQWS technical newsletters
  • News from the world of relevant regulations, guidelines and international standards
  • Exchange of experience between individual members, companies and public organisations
  • Regular visits to companies and institutions
  • Participation in members’ meetings and exchange with other technical experts
  • Access to the register of all VQWS-certified trainers and instructors
  • Retrieval of contact details regarding subject matter experts and their services
  • Information relating to companies within industry and their portfolios
  • Finding key dates through event registers such as trade fairs, conferences and other events
  • Market presence as a specialist for industrial bolt technology
  • Setting the benchmark for qualified personnel through systematic bolt technology qualification
  • Use of the VQWS label “I am a member” for marketing purposes
  • Reduction of certification costs for multiple trainers
  • Low-cost or partly free advertising in VQWS media – such as the annual report and website
  • Participation in VQWS professional events at little or no cost